Policy for safety

The Board decided to engage in continuous improvement of the management of health and safety in the workplace, deploy and implement a Safety Management System and Occupational Health. The adoption of the management of health and safety at work is a strategic decision of the Directorate General of CIMM SPA.

The safety management system used in the company has been implemented in accordance with the laws and taking into account the nature and size of the business risks as well as the specificity of the organizational structure. The vision and core values as well as the beliefs of CIMM SPA in terms of safety and health at work are summarized as follows:
- the management of health and safety at work and the results we get are an integral and essential management company like any other company results;
- work activities must never endanger the health and safety of those who work;
- the safety and health at work is a fundamental and indispensable in all our activities;
- compliance with applicable legislation and agreements is essential to any other considerations in the activity of the company at all levels;
- responsibility in management in the management system for the safety and health at work of all of us, each for its own part, the property right down to the individual worker;
- the company is committed to continuous improvement throughout and prevention of safety and health at work because the results derived from it improve the quality of life of each of us;
- everyone in the company should be made aware and trained to perform their duties safely assuming their responsibilities in terms of safety and health at work;

The general objectives for the safety of CIMM SPA are summarized in the research and commitment to achieve:
- the reduction and elimination of any injuries and diseases arising from work activities;
- a reduction of the potential and actual causes of injury through corrective and preventive actions;
- a timely verification of compliance with the requirements of the law;
- better monitoring of the control level of residual risk in order to minimize further through continuous improvements.

To this end, the Directorate-General is committed to compliance with the law currently applicable in the field of Health and Safety at Work Act and its continuous update and make available all human, material, financial and necessary. The Directorate-General also intends to implement the continuous improvement of the Management System for Safety, through the constant reminder throughout the organization about the importance of compliance with the requirements of the Health and Safety management system developed safety, legal requirements and regolamentativi.

All are called to work together to make the policy active safety and improved understandable, each with their own experiences and skills. As part of the management review shall be assessed the adequacy and suitability for continued business strategies of this policy and the resources made available. This Policy shall be exposed and accessible to all employees and guests CIMM SPA and should be distributed to interested parties upon request.

Renzo Tegon