Environmental policy. Sustainable production

CIMM SPA has always been active in the manufacture of EXPANSION TANKS AND PRESSURE VESSELS with INTERCHANGEABLE MEMBRANE. Today CIMM SPA has engaged a new commitment: to find a better balance between economic growth, environmental protection and social responsibility. CIMM SPA, in compliance with current regulations on environmental protection, grounds the management of its activities on the correct use of resources and on the full respect of ecological standards, as set out in its Ethical Code.

The Environmental Policy, together with the Safety Policy, is a main element of CIMM SPA General Policy. It is essential for its industrial activity as much as productivity, efficiency, quality, workers safety and health, technological development. The Environmental Policy will be constantly applied and monitored; it will be supported by special programs in order to prevent and reduce any possible negative effect on the environment. CIMM SPA believes that its environmental commitment and the use of non-renewable resources as part of its production processes could be continuously optimized. It commits itself to find the best ecological standards conform to, and in some cases more advanced than, the environmental regulations in force.

All employees of CIMM SPA are involved in the enforcement of the Environmental Policy; they have to follow the environmental guidelines while performing their tasks. Specific training programs will be started in order to expand awareness and reinforce behaviors as well as professional practicesre specting the environment.

CIMM SPA commits to periodically check the company's performances and its achievements also through a proper communication’s policy. The final target of the Environmental Policy is to achieve an adequate balance between the use of natural resources and the economic growth on the long term, while ensuring a better life quality for present and future generations. The Environmental Policy of CIMM SPA will be constantly monitored and updated in order to ensure over time the effective and durable protection of environment, working conditions and health.

Renzo Tegon