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  Published on vendredi 12 novembre 2021


WRAS approved

CIMM has always developed new ideas to meet the needs of its customers and the needs of specific markets. Therefore, we are excited to present an important novelty for the UK HVAC market: the new version of the ANTI-LEGIONELLA VALVE, available from January 2022.


Why have we introduced this new version?

New regulations more attentive to consumer health have recently been introduced In the HVAC market, in particular in the UK area.
More and more projects, involving sanitary water systems, have begun to require the presence of specific valves, whose purpose is to ensure a continuous flow of water in order to avoid the proliferation of bacteria, such as legionella, in stagnant fluids.                                                       
These are known as "flow-through valves" or more commonly "anti-legionella valves".

What characterizes this new version of CIMM anti-legionella valve?

The new anti-legionella valve is:

• fully WRAS approved

• 100% made in Europe

• developed to convert a standard single connection expansion vessel into a 'flow through' expansion vessel, to prevent water stagnation which could lead to bacteria growth

• able to work at 10 bar maximum operating pressure and at 65°C maximum water temperature.


Now more than ever, attention to our products final users’ health and safety is a key aspect of the way we work. We are so pleased to offer an accessory that will further improve the ethical and safety standards of the products we manufacture.


For any further information do not hesitate to contact us!