Certified quality

CIMM SPA, pursuing the aim of a full customer satisfaction and a rational use of resources, undertakes to implement continuous improvement through the control of company processes, the management of non-conform situations, the implementation of preventive actions, the growth of its staff, the compliance to the rules and the laws regulating the sector, as well as a rigorous strategy to a supplier approach to ensure stables and continuous relationships in accordance with the established agreements. CIMM pays a special attention to the Safety Regulation on the workplace, to the respect of the community and the environment in which the company operates.

The company business achievement is a means to ensure over time, through the reinvestment of the produced economic resources, a constancy on the quality level of business operations.

The above mentioned policy is realized and put into effect by:
 - defining the targets for Quality Standards;
 - releasing the policy to the entire company structure;
 - training the staff on specific matters;
 - believing in the Company.

The President
Renzo Tegon