Design and Co-engineering

Analysis and design on specific customer needs of new products or study and implementation of changes on existing products.


CIMM puts into play all its creativity and flexibility to meet the different needs of customers: from the label, to the personalized packaging, up to the most satisfactory transport method.

Customer service

CIMM is not limited to the sale of its products, but makes available to the customer a team of experienced technicians and highly qualified personnel to respond effectively to requests for information and questions of a technical or commercial nature.
If you have a doubt, first read the FAQ page and read the advice of Mr. SOS carefully.
If Mr. SOS failed to resolve your concern, contact us: | +39 0423 760009

Plants examples

Samples of application for Domestic Use

Installation of Submersible Pump 1

Installation of Submersible Pump 2

Installation with 3 ways valve

Sanitary and Hot Water systems

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