CIMM History


In 1957 Sergio Tegon, together with his wife, Udilla Maria, started an artisan production of metal furniture for kitchens in the small garage of his home. Thus the first CIMM stands, an acronym for Italian Metal Furniture Construction. The success achieved in the 60s led to the acquisition of the first shed and the current historical headquarters of the company. In 1967 a company was purchased that produced sanitary tapes for bathrooms, with the consequent disposal of metal furniture for kitchens.


a registered trademark 

The CIMM brand is officially registered and becomes the acronym of Costruzioni Industriali Metal Meccaniche.


a new product

Subsequently the production of sanitary flushing cisterns for the bathroom, Sergio Tegon starts the development and the scale production of expansion vessels.


expanding the production line

Expanding the production line, CIMM becomes a well known producer of large-capacity vessels for industrial purposes.


from father to son

Sergio Tegon, after 19 years as chairman, hand over the reins of the company to his sons Renzo and Paolo.


a step towards globalization

After the success of wall boilers, flat vassels became the best seller product. CIMM expands sales network by opening sales in foreign markets and taking part of worldwild expo.


quality first

To guarantee the product a high protection from oxidation and a finish aesthetic quality, CIMM realized the first epoxy powder painting plant.


CIMM second facility

CIMM acquires a second facility to expand the warehouse's capacity.


CIMM pro-solar energy

The global spread of environmental anti-pollution policies and the european pro-green energy turnaround, lead to the development of SOLAR expansion vessels for solar energy systems.


automation and robotization

CIMM invests in R&D with the automation and robotization of new production lines as a consequence of a raise in quality standars.


the awards

Since 2012, every year CIMM obtains CRIBIS Award, the recognition of maximum commercial reliability.


CIMM turns 50!

A leading company in the HVAC sector, CIMM has been a leader in quality of production processes, reliability and customer care for over 50 years.