Safety at the workplace policy

CIMM’s Board of Directors strategically decided to realize and implement a Safety and Health Management System, in order to be engaged in the continuous improvement plan for health and safety within the workplace.

The Safety Management System utilized by the company has been implemented in respect to the current laws and regulations, and has taken into account the nature and size of the business, as well as the risks and the peculiarities of the organization’s structure.

The vision and core values, as well as the beliefs of cimm in terms of safety and health at the workplace, can be summarized as follows:

  • Managing health and safety at the workplace- and its respective results - are an integral and essential part of the company’s core management tasks;
  • Work related activities must never harm the workers’ health and safety;
  • Safety and health at the workplace are fundamental and indispensable principles in all our activities;
  • Compliance to current legislation and to the internal rules and regulations are essential at any level of the corporate affairs;
  • Everyone, owners and employees, according to his own competencies, is responsable for the manner in which the Health and Safety Management System are implemented into action, at work;
  • The company is committed to a continuous improvement and prevention of safety and health plan in the working place to ensure everybody a better quality of life;
  • Everyone in the company should be made aware and trained to safely perform their duties and being accountable for their responsibilities in terms of safety and health at the workplace.

Occupational safety and health policies in the production of CIMM expansion vessels

Cimm’s general goals for safety are meant to achieve the following:

Italian production of Expansion Vessels CIMM

  • The elimination or reduction of injuries and diseases which may arise from activities done in the workplace;
  • A decrease of potential and real causes of injury, through corrective and preventive measures;
  • To promptly verify the compliance to all legal obligations;
  • A better monitoring system of the control level of residual risk in order to minimize further risks.

Therefore, Company Managers are committed to complying to laws and regulations related to Health and Safety at Workplace, and to making available all the tools, equipment, human and financial resources, in order to achieve such commitments. In addition, the Board of Directors will continuously improve the Safety Management System reminding the whole organization of the importance of complying with the requirements of the Health and Safety Management System, and with the local regulatory and legal requirements.

Each one of us, with diverse skills and experiences, is called to collaborate and put the Company Safety Policy into practice, as well as making it more easily understandable and improving it. During the company management review the policy and the resources available are evaluated in order to verify their suitability with the business strategies. This Policy is posted and accessible to all employees and guests, and can be given to interested parties upon request.

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