Company policy to ensure quality

CIMM only goal is achieving an absolute customer satisfaction by rationally utilizing the available resources; the company undertakes a continuous improvement plan through the extensive control of business processes, the precise management of non-compliant situations, the assurance to grant the growth of the company personnel, and the maximum compliance to the rules and regulations in force in the sector. In addition, the company applies a rigorous strategy in order to approach suppliers and reinsure the regularity of production processes. CIMM is committed to pay the duly noted attention to safety and hazards in the workplace, and to respect the communities and the environment in which the company operates. All the company’s efforts are also aimed at maximizing the company’s efficiency in order to ensure and maintain over time, by reinvesting economic resources, the quality of business operations.

The company policy is put in practice:

  • By setting up specific targets in order to maintain Quality
  • By making sure that everybody, within the corporate structure, is aware of the policy
  • By training and informing the staff on Quality matters
  • By believing in the company’s mission

Company policies for quality in the design and production of expansion vessels

Quality System Certification

Production of expansion vessels with ISO 9001 certified quality system

AFAQ – AFNOR_ certification systems and management evaluation according to ISO 9001.

Bureau Veritas certified expansion vessels

BUREAU VERITAS_ certification, evaluation and analysis of the risks related to quality, environment, health, safety and social liability (QHSE-SA).

Omologazioni Internazionali

Expansion tanks with interchangeable or fixed membrane with CE certification

CE_ the product has been evaluated and match the requirements set by the Europen Comunity regarding safety, health and environmental protection. CIMM expansion tanks are CE marked in compliance with the European Directive 2014/68/UE (PED), which harmonizes national laws of the Member States regarding the pressure equipment and aims to ensure their free circulation throughout Europe.

Vessels for plumbing and heating systems with UkrSEPRO homologation: certificate of conformity of the product, Ukraine

UkrSEPRO_ certification of product conformity, Ucraine.

Design of expansion vessels with EAC certification: EurAsian Conformity, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

EAC_ EurAsian Conformity, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Sale of PSB certified expansion vessels: Singapore Productivity and Standards Board, Singapore

PSB_ Singapore Productivity and Standards Board, Singapore.

Sale of certified ACS expansion vessels and pressure tanks: Attestation Conformité Sanitaire, France

ACS_ Sanitary Conformity Certificate, France.

    Design of fixed or interchangeable membrane expansion vessels with PZH certification: Polish National Institute of Hygene, Poland

PZH_ Polish National Institute of Hygene, Poland.

Expansion vessels for heating systems with DIN certification: Deutsches Institut für Normung, Germany

DIN_ German Institute for Industry's Standardization, Germany.

Production of expansion tanks for thermohydraulic systems with WRAS certification: Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, United Kingdom

WRAS_ Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, United Kingdom.

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