40 years of experience and professionality

CIMM was established in 1968 and is active in the HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) sector for over 40 years. Now, years later, CIMM has grown, concentrating its efforts on customer satisfaction. Its strengths can be summed up in a few simple but fundamental key words: “Reliability, Professionalism and Flexibility.”

Nowadays CIMM manufactures over 500 models of membrane pressure tanks with a capacity between 0.165 and 10.000 liters. Exclusive and long standing business relations with suppliers, who are leaders in their own field, guarantee top-level quality, technology and design.

With two operating plants and a staff capable of collecting and optimizing the company’s synergism, thanks to its consolidated operative systems and a real capacity to develop high-quality products, CIMM has earned an important market share.

Thanks to an effective and efficient interaction among the high quality of its human resources, the equipment and raw materials used, CIMM achieved significant results, according to the highest quality standards.