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  Published on Monday, March 18, 2019

CIMM- Customized Solutions


The Know How at Customer Disposal

CIMM spa, a leading international company in the production of expansion vessels, membrane autoclaves and pressurized tanks, has always put the customer first and its decades of studies and experience at client’s disposal.
The essence of this company and of the whole CIMM team, enclosed in its slogan Expand your World, is to respond to changes by constantly finding new solutions to improve and innovate the product, being responsible to the people and the 'environment.

The top of the CIMM range are the flat expansion vessels for heating and air conditioning equipment. The CP expansion vessels with circular geometry and RP, with rectangular geometry, are specifically designed for closed circuit, boilers, hydro-biomass stoves, thermo-fireplaces and heat pumps. Their operation in hot water systems is excellent thanks to the special diaphragm membrane, which ensures that the air pre-charge lasts much longer at high temperatures. Entirely produced in Italy, these products are manufactured according to the standards set by the European PED 2014/68/EU and EN 13831 directives, and have obtained a level of Quality that is recognized and guaranteed by various international standards such as DIN (German Institute for Industry’s Standardization).

In addition to the wide range of high quality products, the CIMM team offers, on specific customer needs, analysis and design of new products, and study and implementation of changes to existing products.
The range of Shaped expansion vessels has born from particular customer needs. Designed specifically for the optimization of space in closed circuit systems, with the construction of the Shaped vessels, CIMM has put into play all its creativity and flexibility at a technical and production level.

The STYLE expansion vessel is an alternative product to flat expansion tanks, specifically designed to be installed in hot and cold water circuits and therefore can be used in a multifunctional way even in drinking water systems.
This expansion vessel, unlike the flat vessels, is equipped with an interchangeable rubber membrane, made according to DIN 4807regulation, with a special “balloon shape” that prevents water from coming in contact with the metal body of the vessel, eliminating any risk of drinking water pollution and the possible formation of harmful bacteria to humans. The safety of this product is also guarantee by the homologations to the international health standards obtained, including WRAS and ACS.
Thanks to its technical characteristics, STYLE is a multipurpose expansion vessel and an ideal solution for the optimization of spaces in sanitary water systems and heating pumps.

By virtue of its principles, CIMM is not limited to the production and sale of its products, but makes available to the public a team of experienced technicians and highly qualified personnel to respond effectively to requests for information and questions of a technical or commercial nature.
For any information consult the FAQ page and read the advice of Mr. SOS on the website